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What if…we took full responsibility for our actions, thoughts and feelings.

cultofthedead answered: “People who have had bad things happen to them would get very angry at the idea that it was their choice.”

Yes, bad things and accidents are happening. People around us,for what ever reason, behave badly and I am in the middle of it and take the damage.

What can I do?

 I can keep myself in pain and act in a painful way to transfer pain to others. (feeling victimized, blame others, behave aggressive and abusive)

Or I can transform my pain with understanding and remove myself from the perpetual spiral of pain.

Taking responsibility of my actions, thoughts and feelings is not about denying cause, it is about My and Your reaction to the unfortunate events that had occurred to us. It is about how we deal with the Situation. 

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I found somebody who explained the wisdom of the Chinese fortune cookie. If you don’t know what I am talking about its a quote I wrote on May the 20th.

This somebody is William Tiller and he describes the wisdom in his own way like this:

‎We are running the holodeck. It has such flexibility that anything you can imagine, it will create for you. Your intention causes this thing to materialize once you’re conscious enough, and you learn how to use your intentionality. -  WIlliam Tiller, Ph.D.

of course the fortune cookie quote is much simpler…

Once I got told that Magick has something to do with the ability to integrate with your spiritual self.

The Spiritual self appears for many to be a puzzling concept. Way toooo foreign in a world of consume, sexual affairs, material needs/urges and even physical violence and fear.

But where do we go from here? Let’s look at the theory of our four selves.

The physical self represents our physical body and connects us with nature. Our body serves as the vehicle to experience this lifetime. Without doubt nobody would argue against that…even the scientists.

The closest to our body is our astral self or what we see as aura or astral body. And like our physical body we can travel with it through space and time at our will. I can see the grin of all astral travellers.

The Mental body, or the body on the plane of thought is leading us to sometimes very confusing places. It corresponds to the upper astral world where “Thought” is action and where magick we create through visualisation and Imagination is taking shape for the very first time. Be careful what you think of.

Our spiritual self or spiritual body is connecting us to the divine.  Interconnectedness with Creation, the Dreaming or “with all there is” happens here.

It is one thing to intellectualize those four selves and we can dissect them if we like. We can put value on them… well even abandon them if we like (which of course leads to sickness in the long run).

But what counts in the end is that we evenly balance those selves and link them all together to a whole unit. So magick can come down to us and become an integral part of our lives.

Where it can be as natural as moving a finger, blinking an eye or taking a breath.

Where Magick is an effortless part of living.

So long ….


To a more authentic and compassionate live, in harmony with nature.


Question to you my dear reader: How do You do it? Any thoughts you want to share with us? Please feel free to write me. The most inspiring thoughts I will present here.