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Before enlightenment,
Carrying water and chopping wood.
After enlightenment,
Carrying water and chopping wood.
Anonymous Zen Proverb
The people who have ruined the world wear ties and not tatoos
Birgit, a good friend of mine.

I can understand that some pagans and wiccans are upset about it. Especially the “Christian Wicca” label. 

Over the last 1500 years Christianity learned how to assimilate and convert people to their believes. In taking what belongs to the target culture and giving it a Christian dress. That never stopped. People are afraid that “Christian Wicca & Christian Witchcraft” is just another strategy to undermine pagan communities and praxis of conversion.

Let’s face it… The world is in struggle…the struggle is about keeping culture alive. And since the internet is the main platform to revive, spread and keep culture alive people will fight for what they believe is part of their culture.

It started with the printing press and since the arrival of the internet the change is even more rapid. What was done in 100 years can be done now in 10 years. What we read on the internet is “reality” for the masses. If a big enough number of people publish this “reality” online, it will become a force that can alter the “Truth”. What was published online 10 years ago can not be found today any more. 

Stop swearing and calling each other names and start looking what is behind the peoples motivation to write what they write. It is “survival fear” and once we acknowledge that and address those fears we can actually start communicating with each other.

What if…we took full responsibility for our actions, thoughts and feelings.

cultofthedead answered: “People who have had bad things happen to them would get very angry at the idea that it was their choice.”

Yes, bad things and accidents are happening. People around us,for what ever reason, behave badly and I am in the middle of it and take the damage.

What can I do?

 I can keep myself in pain and act in a painful way to transfer pain to others. (feeling victimized, blame others, behave aggressive and abusive)

Or I can transform my pain with understanding and remove myself from the perpetual spiral of pain.

Taking responsibility of my actions, thoughts and feelings is not about denying cause, it is about My and Your reaction to the unfortunate events that had occurred to us. It is about how we deal with the Situation. 

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What if…we took full responsibility for our actions, thoughts and feelings.

We fully acknowledge our place in life. Our Life being involved and intertwined with nature, and fully believed that there is no status other than being involved and intertwined with nature.

We fully acknowledge and accept our abilities as our own.
We fully accept our faults as our responsibility.
We fully acknowledge one another.

We acknowledge that we are our own gods, each and every one of us…

to just accept.

What would that look like?

  • Liz: Write it down!
  • DaWitchy: Why should I write it down?
  • Liz: Because its fantastic knowledge
  • DaWitchy: But why should I write it down, I am not going to write it down.
  • Liz: But why?
  • DaWitchy: Because if I write it down it will just hang there, as a file on a hard disk. One text document of many, and nobody ever will read it.
  • DaWitchy: If you can't remember what I just told you in future, you definitively will not find it on my hard disk.

I understand where this sentence is coming from.

But…Life does not work like that. There are points in Life where Ones action will hurt. I surrender to the reality that my actions can hurt anybody anywhere. It is unavoidable. If I would try to keep up with this expectation, every single time, to do only action when it harms none than I am not going anywhere. 

Sometimes… in order to free myself from abusive relationships I might have to hurt somebody…even when this somebody loves me.

I believe meaningful coincidences are real, and occur for a reason
The Hour of Decision

“The formula ‘samsara equals nirvana’ implies a total cognitive

shift by which the phenomenal world is rendered transparent

through superior wisdom,” he writes. “No longer are things

seen as being strictly separated from one another, as if they

were insular realities in themselves, but everything is seen

together, understood together, and lived together. Whatever

distinctions there may be, these are variations or manifestations

of and within the self-same Being.”


 From the perspective of tantra, which fuses the radical techniques of

alchemy and shamanism with Vedantic and Buddhist non-dual philosophy,

reality is a matter of what we choose to perceive … despite any

appearance to the contrary. If samsara is nirvana, then every-

thing is always happening just as it is meant to unfold.

—————————- MY TRANSLATION ————

You and I we are messed up. We talk and think crappy things and because of it we feel shitty. Everything we do becomes shit. Everybody we meet is shit. We treat everybody as shit and they treat us as shit. The World is Shit.

If we start to think cool stuff and talk cool stuff we feel better. Everything we do is cool. If we treat everybody cool they will be cool back. The world is cool.

Of course the world is cool in the first case, it always was. It was us who were shitty. Everything is One.

It is up to You and Me how we want to see the world, and it does not matter how much shit hits the fan around us. We are making our world, and everything happens as it is meant to be.

One reason why white society seems to be so unrooted is that most people put no thought to their ancestors. Sure they think of grandparents but then the line stops there. It appears there is a natural barrier a taboo we don’t talk about. The Dead ones.

Compared to Aboriginal cultures, who honour their ancestors in various ways, white society seems to have developed an attitude similar to “out of sight out of mind”. The concept of ancestry is not something that is taught to western children.

Important questions, linking us to cultural heritage and identity, are not asked or talked about.

Who are my ancestors?

Where are they from?

What did they do?

What did they believe in?

It also stops us to make connections to “who we are” and “how we belong together”. If we don’t know our past how can we know the future? It makes us vulnerable and powerless.

With no stories to be told and no stories being able to tell, it leaves us in a void which is filled with all sort of trash by modern society through Medias.

Stories that came through from the past are retold in popular fashion and exploited for money and treated as entertainment. So we can forget the boredom for a while, in which we exist.

Being playfull

Being curious

Being Imaginative

Being daring

Being free

Being joyful

Being hopeful

Being dreamful

Being delightful

You are flighty

You are unpredictable

You are irresponsible

You are unreliable

Become  reliable

Become  responsible

Become  predictable

Become  dependable

Being logical

Being methodical

Being traditional

Being secure

have a security cage and be safe

from being in a state of grace to being a surviver

Somewhere along the way. we lose that enthusiasm.We stop playing and start surviving. Life becomes a matter of getting by, and our idealism is replaced by realism. We seek stable nine to five lives, live in quiet homes, and narcotise ourselves in front of flickering TV sets.

The world of imagination is set aside as our lives become banal. Inexorably, our passion for life mellows into contentment of security or hardens into the bitterness of failure. 

The situation becomes worse if you give in. Surendering your Soul to the mundane world is easier when you see the people around you surrender as well. Your friends get old and settle down, your wanderlust is replaced by “false” security, and the 

need for a good night sleep becomes the overriding force of your existence. All around you the people give in into the “real” world. The banality of existence becomes a tangible force, constricting your life.

have the strengh to resist.

fight to keep your childhood spark.

keep your inner child alive.

continue to believe that anything and everything is possible.

The power of make believe and childlike creativity is real.

I think I have to write here some words to the comment I published here on tumblr. 

“The effect of magic is limited according to your own believe and understanding of reality.” - R.J.Stewart

The Sentence comes from his book: “Living Magical Arts”, from the chapter “The relationship between faith, worship and magic”.

He is talking about magic as practical art and something that has to be done rather than theorised. Which I absolutely agree.

He goes on with stating that people can work magical rituals without the need of believing in a deity, originator or creative conciousness…but…so he continues… such magical work would be limited, as it could not extend far beyond the self-imposed limits  of its originators.

As exaples for degraded magical works he mentions television commercials, political speeches, pop-videos and other sources that seek to apply emotive ritualised patterns to the malleable imagination of our culture at large, or to specifically selected segments of the consumer population. 

However, he is talking about a very important magical law that the limitations of magic is established by the boundaries of the imagination of the operator in the first instance. The effect of magic is limited according to his or her own believe and understanding of reality.

He emphasises in this context that we are dealing with the genuine or true beliefs of the individual or a group; what we assume we believe, what we think is our understanding of reality, and what we actually do believe, are often radically different or even contradictory to one another.

He mentions that our history is full of sciences, achievements, even empires, built upon systems, practices and beliefs now knows as to be false. Yet such systems worked very well for the people who believed in them. This was not due to the delusions on the part of the believers, but because the power of belief is more potent and active than the object or system believed in.

he continues to talk about the topic worship…anyway….so far to the comment I posted.

PS @ reverendgaddy …. you do not have to understand Reality, if you do not wish to. You can be the best or worst magician if you want to, as long it works for you in a practical sense :)

The effect of magic is limited according to your own believe and understanding of reality.

Terence McKenna - Reclaim your mind Kinetic Typography

start thinking for yourself

start creating your world

become a cultural creative

ask yourself the questions:

1) Do I live in fear, how does it look like?

2) Am I scared of something, what is it?

3) Do I blame others, and for what?

4) Am I a victim, of what and why?

Think about it… seriously!

Is this the way YOU want to live for the rest of your life?

And what can you do about it, what are your options?