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I got a couple of questions in my Ask-box…

  1. Do you feel there are certain advantages to following a certain belief system over another? 
  2. Do you feel your particular spiritual path has distinct advantages? 
  3. Do you think any belief system is more legitimate or true than another? 

I had to stop and think about it first

Many Religions have developed over the world. All of them culture specific.What do I mean with culture specific. With specific language, music, poetry, stories and images. They all developed over thousands of years..generation over generation specifically for that culture in that specific area. All this development happened because it is just naturally right how it goes.

Than shit happened, Rulers, Warlords, Kings, Popes, Emperors, Dictators, Political Parties and Corporations conquer. 

They install their Gods, Believe systems, Faith, Lore, Holy Books, Rules, Ideologies, Tyrannies, World views, Social norms, Political agendas, and Policies.

What was once original and culture specific gets renamed, replaced, changed, twisted, demonized, oppressed, declared war on, eliminated, eradicated, socially not accepted, voted out and cancelled. 

The last 1000 years were a struggle in Europe (Crusades, Inquisition,Witch hunts) and especially the last 100 years due to the arrival of mass medias. The world cultures battle for their survival. People seek desperately ways to conserve and bring to the Future what is left… before it all ends up in evangelic television shows and in modern MTV consumer driven pop culture. 

In my opinion it is better and healthier for me, for us, and for everybody if we go back to the roots, to what was naturally evolving and was cultural specific. Before the whole bullshit started 2000-3000 years ago. 

I hope I have answered those questions sufficiently.



One reason why white society seems to be so unrooted is that most people put no thought to their ancestors. Sure they think of grandparents but then the line stops there. It appears there is a natural barrier a taboo we don’t talk about. The Dead ones.

Compared to Aboriginal cultures, who honour their ancestors in various ways, white society seems to have developed an attitude similar to “out of sight out of mind”. The concept of ancestry is not something that is taught to western children.

Important questions, linking us to cultural heritage and identity, are not asked or talked about.

Who are my ancestors?

Where are they from?

What did they do?

What did they believe in?

It also stops us to make connections to “who we are” and “how we belong together”. If we don’t know our past how can we know the future? It makes us vulnerable and powerless.

With no stories to be told and no stories being able to tell, it leaves us in a void which is filled with all sort of trash by modern society through Medias.

Stories that came through from the past are retold in popular fashion and exploited for money and treated as entertainment. So we can forget the boredom for a while, in which we exist.

Terence McKenna - Reclaim your mind Kinetic Typography

start thinking for yourself

start creating your world

become a cultural creative

How do we define relationship?

Interpersonal relationships (between me, you, him, her, them, it, us) 

Functional relationships (between organisms in order to make something work)

Symbiotic relationship (between organisms living together with beneficial outcome)

Parasitic relationship (between organisms living together without beneficial outcome)

Ask yourself personally, what is your relationshipt with the land?

Do you look at your relationship with the land and everything that lives on it as:

A Friendship, Love relationship, Kinship, Family relationship or do you look at the land as Mother and Father?

Do you have a personal relationship to the land or is it functional, symbiotic even?

Or is it just parasitic?

tell me about it if you like

with greetings


A child behaves abnormal in comparison to what is expected to be normal behaviour. It gets chosen by a shaman to be initiated and educated into its traditional spiritual culture. 

He/She learns about the spirits, the spiritual realms and the lore of the land.

He/She learns the beliefs of its people and the practices to communicate with the spirit world.

He/She learns how to see and heal its community with the help of the spirits and nature.

He/She becomes a shaman in its native tribal society.


Let’s look at western children: 

A child behaves abnormal in comparison to what is expected to be normal behaviour. It gets sent to a children psychologist, medicated, re-educated, helped, maybe even prayed for.

He/She learns that the dreams it has are not real, abnormal, schizophrenic, sick, maybe even evil.

He/She learns that it has to go to a doctor, therapy, maybe even to hell.

He/She learns how to be an annoyance for its people, to live outside of society, maybe even how to be a servant of Satan.

He/she becomes a psycho, lunatic, nut case, weirdo, maybe even a Satanist.


And if he/she somehow gets it right and learns about the spirits, the otherworld, the lore of the land. To communicate with spirits and to heal with the help of the spirits and nature….

He/she becomes a neo-shaman or…. for many just a fraud.