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Reality is how you describe your world…

What words do you use in order to define your reality?
What concepts have you learned in order to describe your world?
With every concept comes new sets of words and sentences we can use in order
to define Reality.

Is this why we love the internet so much, because it teaches us new words and concepts?

So who ever controls the flow of information has the power to alter and restrict your
Reality. So how does this work out in tumblr?

All those tagged streams of information, concepts, sentences, words, building blocks for
new Realities. In those streams of learning; what is taught? Who tries to control? Who is trying to limit the flow of concepts where and for whom?

As more effort a group of people or a single person puts in, in order to control the flow of information, as more I feel attracted to uncover and free this information. Because it is our right to learn about it. So we can free ourself of limitations and see Reality in all its manifoldness.

I believe meaningful coincidences are real, and occur for a reason
The Hour of Decision


A magical world means to see the world with additional meaning on separate layers other than just what is in plain sight in front of you.

"So what, can you give me an example?", you might ask.

Lets see… we all know that in the river neckar near Heidelberg we can find dragon eggs. WTF dragon eggs? yep exactly… dragon eggs !

So One day I went there and looked for dragon eggs in the river. I found rocks, rough and smooth stones, flat stones and pointy stones.

A ship passing by full of tourists listening, in a beerglass swinging fashion, to Elvis Presley’s ”Muss i den, muss i den zum Städtele hinaus”

Black stones, grey stones, white stones…what was I missing?

I closed my eyes and imagined the world around me. I looked around, with closed Eyes, up and down the river. And there it was, a glow in my minds eye. I opend my Eyes again and went into the direction I perceived the glow in.

It did not take me long and i had found a fist size smooth greenish egg shaped stone.

Yes sure its a stone for the sober material mind. But for ME there was no doubt I had found for what i was comming for. My dragon egg! 

I took it home and placed it onto my altar in a nest i was making specificly for it.

I lid a red candle every night for 10 minutes cherishing my greenish looking dragon egg I had found, by touching it, feeling it, warming it with flames out of the palms of my hands. Than when the full moon came it felt right, I made a personal ritual asking for the dragon to come out of its egg and so it did. IT chose to reveal itself to me and on this evening I bonded with it.

What happened here? Despite the fact I gained a power animal ???

I deliberetly looked at the world on a different layer. A more magical Layer in addition to the material layer of the world.


I think I have to write here some words to the comment I published here on tumblr. 

“The effect of magic is limited according to your own believe and understanding of reality.” - R.J.Stewart

The Sentence comes from his book: “Living Magical Arts”, from the chapter “The relationship between faith, worship and magic”.

He is talking about magic as practical art and something that has to be done rather than theorised. Which I absolutely agree.

He goes on with stating that people can work magical rituals without the need of believing in a deity, originator or creative conciousness…but…so he continues… such magical work would be limited, as it could not extend far beyond the self-imposed limits  of its originators.

As exaples for degraded magical works he mentions television commercials, political speeches, pop-videos and other sources that seek to apply emotive ritualised patterns to the malleable imagination of our culture at large, or to specifically selected segments of the consumer population. 

However, he is talking about a very important magical law that the limitations of magic is established by the boundaries of the imagination of the operator in the first instance. The effect of magic is limited according to his or her own believe and understanding of reality.

He emphasises in this context that we are dealing with the genuine or true beliefs of the individual or a group; what we assume we believe, what we think is our understanding of reality, and what we actually do believe, are often radically different or even contradictory to one another.

He mentions that our history is full of sciences, achievements, even empires, built upon systems, practices and beliefs now knows as to be false. Yet such systems worked very well for the people who believed in them. This was not due to the delusions on the part of the believers, but because the power of belief is more potent and active than the object or system believed in.

he continues to talk about the topic worship…anyway….so far to the comment I posted.

PS @ reverendgaddy …. you do not have to understand Reality, if you do not wish to. You can be the best or worst magician if you want to, as long it works for you in a practical sense :)

The effect of magic is limited according to your own believe and understanding of reality.

Terence McKenna - Reclaim your mind Kinetic Typography

start thinking for yourself

start creating your world

become a cultural creative

I had a dream. I dreamed that every being on this planet exists in some sort of reality bubble. This bubble is constructed by experiences, perceptions, thought processes and individual conclusions about reality.

I saw people in their quest of truth, seeking confirmation, not wanting to be alone in their reality. Their reality bubbles were attracting each other, overlapping for a time being or bouncing off each other.

I also saw Individuals coming together and exchanging information about their reality, bonding and forming more complex structures. As bigger the reality structures got as easier they became commonly accepted realities.

A question came into my mind.

Who’s worldview is right and who’s worldview is wrong?

The Answer comes down to a question of “dominance over” or the fight of one’s reality over the other reality. Tormenting fear raging in the unconsciousness that one’s reality bubble/construct could be wrong and everything blows up. Leaving the individual in the vast sea of nothingness; being lost in the void. Even worse, leaving the individual with the feeling that its lifetime was wasted. Wasted  with following the “wrong” worldview, ideals and reality. A Lifetime worth nothing!

Let’s come back to the basics.

 There are no wrong or right realities. But there is one truth: ALL realities united are shaping THE reality. And it doesn’t matter how many reality bubbles and structures are attracting or repelling each other. ALL realities together are forming one reality.

It’s a good feeling not to feel fear or the urge to fight anymore. All this because of acceptance.